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This post is inspired by Caroline Bookbinder.

Caroline, who has worked in many parts of the book industry, posted about links and tidbits she had collected about jacket designs. I found many of them interesting and wanted to make sure others found their way to those links.

One link mentioned is the blog She Reads and Reads, which has been in my Google Reader for a while. She often does book cover posts featuring book covers that are the same as other covers. You can see past similar covers.

Caroline also links to a post with an awesome video on YouTube of a book cover being designed in just under 2 minutes. It’s so cool and if you’ve ever wondered what goes into designing a cover, check it out.

Book covers and titles are really what draw me in to picking a book up off a shelf. Caroline’s post includes other links of interest if you are interested in book covers or jackets as well.

How do you feel about book covers?

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