The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality by St. Stephen’s Community House

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Little Black Book for Girlz

Stars: ****

Annick Press (2006)
Ages 14+

This is another book I read for Freedom to Read Week. Here is the information on why and how it was challenged:

St. Stephen’s Community House. The Little Black Book for Girlz: A Book on Healthy Sexuality.
2006—The Institute for Canadian Values (ICV), a Christian organization, campaigned against this frank sex-education manual for teenage girls. The ICV urged people to write and phone to complain to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the minister of industry and local MPs to drop public funding for The Little Black Book for Girlz and similar books. The ICV also urged people to “monitor their local schools, libraries and other resource centres to ensure that the book is not introduced elsewhere.”
Cause of objection—The book, which is written by teenage girls for teenage girls, encourages lesbianism, describes lesbian sex, contains “obscene” language and provides “misleading information” about safe sex.

Okay first I have a few things to say about the above. The book does NOT encourage lesbianism, it just encourages girls to be true to who they are and not be afraid if they are attracted to girls. As for misleading information about safe sex, I don’t recall reading that. I was a little unsure about a few points some girls made about how they chose to have sex at young ages and they felt it was right for them. Personally I don’t think a 14 or 16 year old could be ready for sex, no matter what they think. However a teen interested in learning more about sex is going to listen more to someone their age who has been in that situation over an adult saying you are not ready for sex! After all if you tell a teen they aren’t ready for something, they might do it just to prove to themselves and you that they are (or think they are.) Also the book has a Are You Ready for Sex questionnaire that is awesome and includes things like respecting yourself and your partner, trusting yourself and your partner, being able to talk about sex with your potential partner and more.

I think this is a great book about sex for teen girls. I read lots of books on the subject of sex and puberty throughout my teenage years even though my mom was open with me and would answer any questions I had. Think of the girls who don’t have that kind of relationship though and who need answers. Teens will listen to sex advice from their friends who usually don’t know what they are talking about. Although this book is by teenagers their answers are checked by professionals and sometimes the teenagers interviewed the professionals.

What’s amazing about this book is that it’s also filled with original artwork from the teens who helped create the book. Oftentimes they are raw and open. You can get a look inside The Little Black Book for Girlz at St. Stephen’s Community House. It shows some of the artwork and format and has some answers to FAQs.

Topics covered: relationships, periods, sex, birth control, pregnancy/miscarriage, abortion, STIs, AIDS, sexual assault. The back of the book also has a large section with websites and phone numbers for more information and help in certain areas.

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*I got my copy of this book at the library

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