Dancing with Ana by Nicole Barker

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Stars: ***1/2

The Golden Road Press (2009)
Teen Fiction
170 pages

Summary: Beth has a great life, a loving family and three best friends. Beth and most of her friends decide to go on a diet but it gets a little out of control for Beth. 

The title says it all. Ana is short form for Anorexia and Beth is indeed dancing with it. She doesn’t quite develop into full Anorexia needing hospitalization and treatment but she does get quite close. Luckily she realizes what she is doing to herself and is able to stop. With true Anorexia, the person doesn’t see what they are doing to themselves because they have warped view of themselves.

I think the fact that Beth comes from a good family shows teenage girls that struggles with diet and even eating disorders can happen to anyone. The story was simple and it’s short enough that the story doesn’t get too in depth. For some this may not be a good thing but I think it’s perfect for teenage girls. When it comes to reading about struggles, a lot can be too much.

Although the story is mainly about Beth, a bit about her friend Rachel is covered. It’s a sub-plot I guess. Adding a bit about her seemed to make the book not too monotonous. The book doesn’t only cover Beth’s struggle with weight loss either. It includes her romance with her boyfriend Jeremy and her relationship with her friends, teachers and parents.

Recommended for girls 12-16, especially if they struggle with their weight, (whether their weight is above normal or not.)

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