Cake Wrecks by Jen Yates

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Stars: ***

Summary: Jen Yates of the Cake Wrecks blog has made a book. The book isn’t just the blog content regurgitated but has never before seen cake photos, information on Jen, the wrecks, the people who make the wrecks, the people who find the wrecks and more. If you aren’t familiar with the Cake Wrecks blog, it displays professional cakes that were created wrong, fell apart, look horrible or are spelled wrong. Most are quite funny.

I must say that I had never seen the Cake Wrecks blog before I read this book so the whole concept was new to me. There has been some flack lately about books made from blogs and I do understand that to some degree but at the same time, it’s a way to get the content out to those who don’t read blogs. If I was a subscriber or regular reader of the Cake Wrecks blog though I wouldn’t pick up the book unless I was a crazily devoted fan.

So about the cakes, they are quite funny, some are hilarious, some just make you shake your head. There is a few different categories:

Literal LOLs (the cake decorator took the instructions a little too literally.)
The Dreaded CCC (CCC stands for cupcake cake. I don’t think they are all bad but these ones are.)
Beyond Bizarre (disturbing, weird, huh?)
The Poo Phenomenon (apparently most brown icing just looks like poop – seriously)
Oops (mistakes – mostly spelling)
Wedding Wrecks (wedding cakes gone bad)
What’s That Supposed to Mean? (so confusing you can’t figure it out)
Nuthin’ To See Here…. (cakes for bachelor(ette) parties, cakes that shouldn’t be dirty but look dirty and other not for kids eyes cakes)
Run Home Wrecks (sports cakes)
Baby Bottoms Up (cakes featuring babies, pregnant women and birth announcements)
Holiday Horrors (holiday cakes gone awry)
Random Wreckage (random of course!)

There are also a few other features. There are a few photos of kids making funny or quizzical faces at their cakes. The author shares some controversies the cakes she displays have created. Overall I think it was a pretty funny book that would make a great coffee table book. It does make me a little wary about ordering cakes though!

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