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Today’s BTT question is:

How do you feel about illustrations in your books? Graphs? Photos? Sketches?

I enjoy graphics, photos and pictures that break up the monotony of words in a book. However I don’t like graphic novels or comic books. I don’t want more pictures than words. I like children’s fiction that often includes an illustration at the beginning of each chapter or even sometimes throughout the book (like in Horrid Henry.) When I read Girl, Interrupted a long while back I liked that it includes a copy of some of the forms in her medical file. It’s hard to explain what a form looks like and what’s on it. Sometimes it’s easier to show things.

Also since I read a lot of nonfiction, most of what I read has graphs, photos, sketches, charts, and all manner of “illustrations” throughout the book. Maybe that’s part of why I love nonfiction.

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