LOST’S Buried Treasures 3rd Ed. by Lynnette Porter and David Lavery

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Lost's Buried Treasure Book

Stars: ***1/2

Sourcebooks (January 2010)
Adult Nonfiction
305 pages

Summary: Lost is a complex and mysterious tale, one that draws on many sources for its themes and ideas – sources you must understand to become an advanced Lost expert. Lost’s Buried Treasures is the ultimate unauthorized guide to the ideas that have influenced the show and it’s writers – and is completely updated through Season Five.

This is not an episode guide, but a resource on books, movies, music, geographical clues and theories of LOST. A large majority of the book is all about the books seen, quoted from or alluded to. There is also a large section on the music talked about, listened to or used as a soundtrack in the show. It also talks about the two pretend bands often mentioned: DriveShaft and Geronimo Jackson.

You will also find Sawyerisms (those nicknames he calls everyone,) some info on Jacob and the Hurley/Sawyer connection. What connection am I talking about? I hadn’t really noticed one myself till I read about it. It’s about the relationship between the two and how it changes. At the beginning Sawyer is really rude and makes all kinds of cracks about his weight and such. In season 4 and 5 Sawyer starts to keep an eye out for Hurley, worries about him. There’s also a full list of people who have died (or might be dead), how they died and if they’ve shown up to others after their death. You can find the full Table of Contents at this webpage at David Lavery.

The section on books was sometimes boring and sometimes very interesting. I found that when there were talking about books I didn’t know anything about, it interested me less. It gives a quick explanation of the book if you don’t know what it’s about but when I know at least a little bit about the storyline and characters or even better, if I’d read the book, I enjoyed the explanation more. The best part was where it explains how much they got ideas from The Stand by Stephen King. If you want to know where they got ideas for different parts of the show, you’ll find they got lots of ideas from other books.

It was an interesting read and helped me remember some things I’d forgotten before I started watching Season 6. I don’t think it’s a necessary book to read for all LOST fans but it would be good for those interested in the literary, media and pop culture references.

*I received a copy of this book for review from Sourcebooks but my review is not affected at all by how I received the book.

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