Eco-Libris Green Gift Giveaway

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Eco-Libris, the website that hosted the Green Books Campaign in November is now holding a giveaway.

Here’s what they say:

For over two years Eco-Libris has been offering eco-conscious readers the opportunity to balance out their books by planting trees. At the same time the company has worked to promote sustainable reading, and reduce books impact on the environment. Now Eco-Libris is combining the two, with a special giveaway that reward customers with green gifts that promote green reading, from gift cards at Strand Book Store and BookSwim to free “green” books that were printed on recycled or FSC-certified paper!

 If you go to their site and donate money you will receive a prize based on how much you donate. You must balance out (donate) 25, 50 or 100 books to get a prize. The first 10 people to balance out 100 books will get another prize as well.

You can donate with credit card or via paypal.

Check out the Green Gift Giveaway Details.

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