Bloggiesta Wrap-Up Post

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If I didn’t have a headache I’d stay up later but this is about all I can handle for now. I had a great time and can’t wait till June. Here are my final stats:

Time Spent Blogging: 12hr 5 minutes
Blogs Commented On: 18
Mini-Challenges Completed: 9 New Ones, 5 old ones (including the one from Book Blather on which comments are closed)
Reviews Completed: 6/33 Not as much as I would have liked to catch up on but between being busy Saturday and headache Sunday, I can’t blame myself. At least I got a bunch of little things done.

Favourite Parts of Bloggiesta: Chatting on Twitter. It was great for morale, motivation and asking questions or getting opinions. I also enjoyed the mini-challenges. Unlike the readathon where the challenges detract from my total reading time, doing these challenges still counted as blogging so they helped.

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