Bloggiesta Update 1

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So I didn’t get started really till almost two but in the last 3 hrs I’ve done a few small things. I’ve been perusing the new this year mini-challenges.

  1. I signed up for Mother Reader’s Comment Challenge and made 3 comments towards it. 
  2. I did the footer challenge from Bookalicious and added some basic copyright although I haven’t tested it out yet.
  3. I also did Beth Fish Reads’ labels challenge. I really needed to do this one. I changed a few things around but my main goal was to add the label of 4 Star Reviews to all those with 4 stars. Now I’m almost at 1000 posts so this was a huge undertaking. It took me one whole hour just to do this. It’s a good thing I did though because I found 14 five star reviews that I missed giving that label before and 66 reviews that never got the book review label. So I’ve done 66 more reviews that I’d thought I did.

Back to work…

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