Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: 2010 Blogging and Reading Goals

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I’m doing this as a part of Bloggiesta but I was going to do it anyways so this is my official 2010 goals page.

First I’d like to reflect on 2009’s goals:

  • I want to write more than just book reviews. I want to write more on books, reading and literacy in general. I did a little of this, not as much as I”d like
  • I want to get my reviews up shortly after finishing a book instead of having a back log of reviews. Did this well for 2 months and then fell WAY behind.
  • I want to decide whether to move my blog to wordpress or not and either way, to find a blog design that works for me. I played around with wordpress and decided to stay with blogger. I succeeded in new blog design finally, (Thanks Lily Blue Designs)
  • I want to participate more with StumbleUpon and Technorati and include a link to follow me on twitter from my blog. I’d like to have way for readers to Stumble my posts too. I use Stumbeupon and added twitter link. I’m still not sure about technorati although I have added some blogs and have button on my blog for others to add me. I’m still working on button for others to stumble my blog.
  • I’d like to advertise my blog in places other than book places to encourage visitors other than those with book blogs of their own. I haven’t really done this. I use entrecard now and I want to put ads on other sites. I just started this.
  • I’d like to add an easy way for readers to subscribe to my blog. Done.
  • I’d like to join the amazon associates and get links to buy books through them on my review posts. Done

So clearly I wrote those goals and forgot about some of them.

Blogging Goals for 2010

  1. Post at least 3 times a week.
  2. Make Book News a monthly event.
  3. Create one of those other event ideas I had
  4. Post reviews within one to two weeks of finishing book.
  5. Increase followers with follower giveaways if possible.
  6. Write more non-review posts.
  7. Get organized with challenges, and not sign up for as much.

Reading Goals for 2010

  1. Get through review books I have, catch up.
  2. Limit review books I get
  3. Read more library books
  4. Read older books (I don’t want to be a new release only blog)

Thanks to The Book Lady’s Blog for motivation to do this post.

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