Psychos, Players, Punks and Pervs by C. Dean Hall

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Psychos, Players, Punks and Pervs: How to Become the Ultimate Guy Detector by C. Dean Hall, M.S.

Stars: ****

At first look this book seems like a book for rape prevention but it is intended as more than that. Here’s a quote from the publisher:

“Our research proves doctors, therapists, teachers and parents all agree that it [the book] stands apart because of its uncanny ability to engage, inform and protect girls regardless of their age or level of maturity. Our hope in publishing this book is that we may have played a small part in helping you, and the girls you love, to safely lead happy, healthy lives.”

You can take a look at the Table of Contents and download some sample pages at The Guy Detector (the website for the book.) It is intended for teens to collage age but I would recommend 18 and under. I showed it to my 20 something friend who is dating and she said it was young for her. The book is more for those who haven’t dated yet or haven’t dated much or seriously. It has some good points although I can’t say I necessarily learned anything but then I’m not the target age and I’m married so it’s not like I’m dating either. I do plan on sharing it with my daughter’s when they’re older though.

For the sections on psychos, players, punks and pervs shows you how to spot one (e.g. Players view every female as a potential score and identify women who are insecure and need to feel loved, attractive or important.) You’ll also find a story about a girl who got caught up with that type of guy (doesn’t say whether it’s a true story or not) and finally some advice on how to get away from that guy. The only problem with the book is it’s hard to find. has it, Barnes and Noble and Chapters do not. You can buy it online from The Guy Detector website too.

Thanks to Inner Vista Press for a copy of this book.

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