Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom

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Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom by Julia Child
Subtitle: Essential Techniques and Recipes From a Lifetime of Cooking

Stars: ****

This little volume is a small book of cooking wisdom from none other than Julia Child which was released in honour of the Julie & Julia movie with Meryl Streep and Amy Adams that came out. Although I like cooking, I’m still learning and I don’t know the fancy names of most techniques or the specific way to do them. This book is different from your usual cookbook because it’s less about recipes and more about technique, although there ARE some recipes.

Contents are as follows: Soups and Two Mother Sauces, Salads and their Dressings, Vegetables, Meats/Poultry/fish, Egg Cookery, Breads/Crepes/Tarts, Cakes and Cookies and Kitchen Equipment and Definitions. Here is a very SMALL list of things you’ll learn: Using Simmered Mushroom Caps as garnish, Cooking with Wine, How to properly dredge, How to tell when homemade bread is done, and much, much more. My only real complain is lack of photos. There were some times I would have liked picture demonstrations but for the most part, I suppose you can get by without photographs. I especially like the last chapter which explains the difference between baste, beat, blanch, fold, mince, puree, saute, toss and more.

Thanks to Random House for the book.

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