Dear Jo by Christina Kilbourne

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Dear Jo: The story of losing Leah … and searching for hope by Christina Kilbourne

Stars: *****

Summary: Maxine and her best friend Leah used to have so much fun chatting with boys online. So what if Max and Leah lied about their ages and where they lived? But when Leah disappeared, Max realized they weren’t the only ones telling lies online. Through her daily journal entries, Max shares the crushing loss of Leah and her desperate efforts to move on after all that has happened.

This was an AWESOME book but also heart-wrenching. This particular story isn’t true but unfortunately, kids and teens being abducted by someone they met online IS true. Sharing this story with your preteen or teen may scare them but it will hopefully scare them from sharing personal information online.

The story is believeable and includes everything that a person in this situation would go through. The before part, right after the incident, finding out bad news, going to counselling, doing bad in school because you’re depressed, working with the police, working things out in your mind and coming to terms with what happened, healing and moving on.

Thanks to Lobster Press for the book!

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