Too Too Many Tutus by Suzanne Davis Marion

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Stars: ****

BookSurge Publishing (Feb 2009)
Picture Book 32 Pages

A picture book for ballet and colour lovers. Christina is getting ready for ballet class and can’t decide between all her different coloured tutus, she has too too many tutus.

Each tutu is good for a different reason:

“If I wore the green tutu I could dance on the bright green grass. The green treetops would be over my head. I could twirl around the bushes with their different shades of green leaves. I could do an outdoors dance.”

“If I wore the yellow tutu I could dance in the sunshine with the yellow butterflies, beside the sunflower and daisies. I would match them in my yellow tutu.”

I won’t wreck the ending but Christina eventually decides which tutu would be the very best with the help of her mommy.

It’s a beautiful story, a great introduction to colours and a cute book for ballet lovers as I said before. The illustrations by Marj Hales are very cute and done in watercolours. The only problem I have with it is the girl looks different in the different illustrations, which doesn’t make sense as it’s supposed to be the same girl. In some she’s blond, in some she’s a brunette. Some she looks 6, some she looks 10. However this isn’t something a child would pick up probably. My three-year-old daughter loves it.

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