Is your library out of date?

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I just heard about a cool blog called Awful Library Books. It features old, outdated, politically incorrect or otherwise wrong books from libraries. It’s hilarious!

For example, a book titled “The Big Book of Family Games” with games that use: “a lady’s hankie, rotary dial phone or 5 cent stamp.”

Or a “computer” book for the following computer programs: WordStar, MailMerge, SpellStar, DataStar, SuperSort, CalcStar, InfoStar, StarIndex, CorrectStar, StarBurst, ReportStar & PlanStar
…. I haven’t heard of ANY of these!

Beware… once you click on that link you will be reading posts for a while! Don’t drink while reading either. You can also follow Awful Library Books on Twitter.

Thanks to Quill & Quire for allerting me to this hilarious blog.

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