[Guest Review] Ambulance Girl: How I Saved Myself by Becoming an EMT by Jane Stern

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*This review is by Sarah at Puss Reboots*

Jane Stern is a contributing editor for Gourmet magazine. She’s also a volunteer EMT. She’s been nicknamed “Ambulance girl” by the community she serves. Ambulance Girl chronicles her journey from hypochondria and depression to finding purpose as an EMT.

Each chapter reads like a short story, often focusing on similar training or rescues. Although depression played a huge role in Stern’s life she doesn’t dwell on it in this upbeat memoir. She also doesn’t over state her part in any rescue and never makes herself out to be the hero.

Reading this memoir made me want to get myself recertified with my first aid training. At a previous job I volunteered as an EMT for the company (two were needed per floor). While my training was no where near as rigorous as Stern’s I have needed some of that knowledge when my kids have gotten hurt. As Stern points out in the book, it is reassuring and calming to know what to do in an emergency.

Ambulance Girl has also been adapted into a TV movie but I haven’t seen it.

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