38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents by Dette Hunter

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Stars: ***
Illustrator: Deirdre Betteridge
47 pages

I received this book for review way back when and it got lost in the pile of books. Actually I read it right away but just kept putting off writing the review, don’t know why.

This is a unique book in that it’s a mixture of a picture book and children’s nonfiction. Or as the back of the book says:

“A cookbook, craft book, and game book all wrapped up in one amusing

Sarah, Violet and Joe go over to their grandparents house and do all kinds of fun activities. Each of these activities is explained well so that you could try them with your grandparents too.

Some of the activities include: Pita Pizza Recipe, Playing Card Crowns Craft, Cucumber Shark, Monster Spray, Happy Face Pancakes, Snakes and Scribbles (you’ll have to read the book to figure out what that means!), Nifty Napkin Holders, Belly Button Soup, Grandfather, may I? and Sarah’s Easy Paper Hat. There are 38 activities in all.

The illustrations are done in watercolour and are very nicely done. They are not too simple for say an 8 year old but not too detailed for a 4 year old. Deirdre Betteridge has done illustrations for other books too, including A Pocket Can Have a Treasure In It by Kathy Stinson.

Dette Hunter has also published 38 Ways to Entertain Your Babysitter and 38 Ways to Entertain Your Parents on Summer Vacation.

Buy 38 Ways to Entertain Your Grandparents from Amazon.com (where you can also see two shots of the inside of the book)

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