Trash Talk by Dave and Lillian Brummet

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Trash Talk by Dave and Lillian BrummetStars: ***1/2
Create Space (2009)
162 pages
(image from 2012 version)Summary: Trash Talk is about changing people’s mind-sets by providing thought-provoking ideas that inspire readers to participate from the ground level in their waste reduction efforts. All the ideas are relatively simple and do not require any special skills or tools.


I thought this would be the perfect review to be posted on Earth Day! This was a great book which had some really creative ways to save time, money and resources as well as the environment. A lot of them are for gardeners thought so if you don’t garden (and I don’t mean a few flowers or a small veggie garden but a dedicated gardener) then some of them won’t apply but there are still some great ideas.

Dave & Lillian Brummet both advocate that before you even think about reduce, reuse and recycle, we should be focusing on refuse. That’s refusing to even by items with too much packaging and the like.The book is separated into chapters on different items such as carpets, containers, furniture, metals, glass, nylons, or tires. Then there are chapters on such things as Diet, Energy Use, Indoor Air, Organic Waste and Water Use. Finally there are chapters on such things such as Envelopes, In the Office, Junk Mail, Paper Bags and Newspaper. Each chapter is short and contains some quick ideas for reusing mainly. There is no extraneous explanation, each chapter and idea is short and to the point.

The book (mainly at the back) as more than 140 websites, book and magazines sources for more information which is a blessing but can also not be helpful as these resources (especially websites) come and go so frequently.

Lillian Brummet has also published a poetry book called Towards Understanding. Dave and Lillian have also published an e-book titled Purple Snowflake Marketing – How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd.

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