Mailbox Monday – Feb. 9

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It’s that time again. Let’s delve into my mailbox this week and see what I got.

You can see what others got here.

I got lots of picture books this week.

Stuffed by Hank Cardello

This is from HarperCollins and is actually about the American food industry and rising obesity. Even though I’m Canadian, I’m still going to read it because Canada is similar to America in many ways and I’m curious to see what it says. You can find an exerpt here.

Baron Things DOGS Are People Too! by Laurie Dean

I saw a few others get this last week. This was through Bostick Communications.

I Love Chocolate by Davide Cali

I just HAD to review this book, the chocolate lover that I am. This is from Tundra Books.

Reading it makes me hungry.

Watching Jimmy by Nancy Hartry

This is also from Tundra, a children’s fiction novel that deals with sensitive issues. I have a galley copy and this one won’t be out till April 19, so watch for my review near then.

Getting There by Marla Stewart Konrad

From Tundra Books, this is one of two World Vision picture books, the start of a series. This one focuses on ways people get places all over the world and royalties from the sale of this book goes to World Vision

Hello, Good-bye by Arlene Alda

From Tundra Books. Arlene Alda is Alan Alda’s wife and writes many children’s books.

This one is an opposites book

Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog by Tim Besider

From Tundra Books. This book is a bit of a tongue twister, almost like Dr. Seuss!

Straight from the Horse’s Heart by R.T. Fitch

The subtitle is “A spiritual ride through love, loss and hope” and is from Bostick Communications
It’s about rescue horses.

The Thief Lord by Cornelia Funke

This one is not a review book. I won it through Book Obsessed.

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