Friday Finds 02/20

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Well I missed last week again. The thing is, if someone disrupts my usual Friday schedule, I forget it’s Friday.

Usually on Fridays we go to playgroup but kids have been sick so we haven’t been going.

Here is the one book I read about these past two weeks that I’d love to read sometime:

Angels in the ER by Dr. Robert Lesslie – found at 5 Minutes for Books

A quote from review:

“If you enjoy watching medical dramas on television, then you will absolutely love Angels in the ER. Published by Harvest House, this book does have scriptures at the beginning and ending of chapters and Dr. Lesslie is obviously a Christian. However, that doesn’t really creep into the story at all and could be easily overlooked if you prefer your medical dramas to have a more neutral feel.”

So why only one find? Well I’ll be honest and say I am WAY behind on reading everyone else’s posts. I WILL get to them but may not be able to comment as much as I normally do. So if you get a notice of a comment from a post a few weeks old, that’d be me.

See what everyone else found here.

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