Cheerios Cookbook: Tasty Treats and Clever Crafts for Kids edit. by Heidi Losleben

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Cheerios CookbookStars: ***1/2

This is a cute and small cookbook that includes crafts as well as recipes and each one features on type of cheerios. You will find recipes for all kinds of Cheerios such as Apple Cinnamon and Berry Burst as well as Regular and Honey Nut but unfortunately none for Multi-Grain or Fruity as this book was made before they came out.
First of all you’ll find some Fun Nutrition Facts about Cheerios, then safety info, cooking checklist for kids (i.e. I picked out a recipe, I have someone to help me, my hair is tied back, my hands are washed etc….) Then you’ll find the “Whatchamacallits & Thingamajigs” which explains some basic cooking ware (rolling pin, electric mixer) but instead of just telling us, you get to match the word to the picture with an adults help. Then there is a recipe diary so you can keep track of what you made and how good it was.
The recipes are divided into sections based on how you use them. Food and Craft recipes are mixed together but the craft recipes don’t seem to go with the sections. The sections are: Crush ’em (includes muffins, pancakes, parfaits), Press ’em (necklaces, bars/squares), Roll ’em (cookies, balls), Mix ’em (caramel corn, gorp) and Shape ’em (bird feeders, shaped cheerio squares (like rice krispie squares that are shaped.)
The only problem I see is that the crafts have you just gluing cheerios onto parts of the craft and afterwards just one little squeeze will crush the cheerios. It doesn’t mention spraying on anything to make them harder, don’t know if that would work or be kid safe.
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