8 Tips for Reading More When You Have Young Children

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1. Read during meals. My kids are too young to have much of a conversation so I read during meals. (Once your kids are 3 though you should be focusing more on them)

2. Read in the bathroom. Even if you are just peeing, you can still get in a paragraph. This is easier with non-fiction.

3. Read during naps and bed.

4. Read while cooking (carefully, you don’t want to get so wrapped up in the book you burn things)

5. I sometimes read a bit while kids are in bath but only light stuff so I don’t get so into it I don’t notice the kids are in danger. If you can’t read and pay attention, than don’t read!

6. Institute a reading/quite time everyday. Older kids can be instructed to
read or at least look at books, younger ones can play with quiet toys like puzzles or draw. This way you can read.

7. If you have chores to do, do them before you read or you’ll get so into the book you won’t do them, however don’t get side tracked. If you need to do a load of dishes, do the load, then read. Don’t start cleaning the whole kitchen (unless it really needs it of course)

8. If there is a partner in the picture, read while he/she spends time with
the kids. It’s not fair if he/she has time to him/her self and you don’t.

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