Musing Monday: Library Books

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Today’s MUSING MONDAYS post is about library books…

Do you have a system for borrowing out books from the library? Do you know what you’re going to borrow before you get there? How often do you borrow out books?

See other’s answers here.

I sort of have a system. We go every thursday so on Monday I use my computer to place holds for any challenge books or other books I know I want to read so that I can just pick them up on thursday. I pick out picture books for my kids while we’re there but with two kids 3 and under I just can’t peruse the shelves like I used to (especially now that the elevator is out of order!)

Normally I take home between 4-15 books each week, including picture books along with the occasional video, dvd or computer game. However as I have pledged to read my review books this month, I will not be putting any books on hold today and will just bring home picture books for the kids.

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