The Adventures of Songha: The Amazing Savannah Cat by Linda R. Caterine

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Stars: ***

I received this book for review through Bosick Communications. It’s being counted towards the What an Animal! Challenge.

Summary: “The Adventures Of Songha” is the story of a rare exotic cat, as seen through the eyes of Songha, a beautiful Savannah cat. Songha is half African Serval leopard and half domestic cat, and this unusual combination sets her apart from most other cats. She has a domestic temperament, but her wild leopard blood drives her to seek adventure by escaping from the safety of her wonderful home. Her restlessness takes her into exciting, and sometimes dangerous territory, as she follows her wild urges to run free. As Songha pursues her adventures, she learns some valuable life lessons along the way, and also gains some much needed wisdom. This is the story of Songha, the amazing Savannah cat.

This is a cute cat story for kids who like wild cats but I had a few reservations.

1. The cat (Songha) is real and so I thought the story was real and I think most of it is but the book says it’s fiction. I’m guessing that’s because the cat can’t really narrate it so since we are guessing what she’s thinking, that makes it fiction. Still I’d like to know for sure if all the adventures were real, even if her thoughts about it may not have been.

2. At the beginning of book it says for purposes of the book, the African Serval will be referred to as an African Serval Leopard even though it’s not related to Leopard. I’m not sure I understand the purpose of this. When African Serval Leopard is referred to in the book, it’s to explain why Songha’s not an average pet cat but I think the name African Serval itself tells us that and that they didn’t need to pretend she was a leopard when she’s not.

It is a cute story and I enjoyed reading it. It’s a beginner chapter book, good I think for a reader in grade 5 and above who loves cats, especially wild ones. The story would be fine for younger ones though if an adult was reading it aloud (which I always encourage.)

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