Stanley the Christmas Tree: A Wish Come True by R.E. Hughes

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Stars: ****

Illustrator: Anita Saunders
Publisher: Pennie Rich
32 pages – 19 illustrations
ISBN 978-0-9820328-0-0
Retail Price: $14.95
Companion CD Available
I received this book for review from PR By the Book.

Summary: Stanley’s lifelong wish for a Special Family to spend his Christmas with seems lost when, on Christmas Eve he finds himself standing in an alley with the Trash Can Family. Alone and rejected, teased by the trash cans, Stanley is flocked by new fallen snow and even in his loneliness feels proud when the cans agree, “he is the best looking tree ever set out.” Are the trash cans to be Stanley’s “Special Family” or is there a surprise waiting to make his Christmas, “A Wish Come True?”

“Stanley’s Story was created by R.E. Hughes, in 1973, for his daughter Terri. R.E. is a husband, father, grandfather, storyteller, musician and world traveler, who lives with his author wife, P.J. Nickels, in the Colorado Rockies.”

Stanley the Christmas Tree is really cute Christmas story for kids ages 4-8. The story itself is very much like other Christmas stories in that is a story with joy and hope. This is a good thing though. As for the way the book is put together, I like the shiny pages and beautiful illustrations which are very happy and fun. The only thing I didn’t like was there were a couple of pages that had only text, no illustrations. I think that’s a bad idea in a picture book personally since kids thrive on illustrations to help them understand the story. The story is quite long for a picture book so wouldn’t be good for reading alone till perhaps age 7. However a child 4-7 would enjoy hearing the story read by an adult.

In addition to the book, Pennie Rich Publishing has released an Audio Book Version with 6 tracks of original music as well. In fact Pennie Rich includes original music with every release because it has been found to stimulate learning. You can hear a sample of the narration and music by visiting the website
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