Saturday Search 12/20

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NOTE: Saturday Search is changing to a monthly event. It will take place the first Saturday of the month. So we are skipping next week and starting Jan. 3. Then Feb. 7….

So what were people searching for when they came across your site? Do you have a way of finding out? If so and you are interested in particiating, here is a new weekly event for you.

Every Saturday, post a list of a few of the search terms used to find your site. Especially any very interesting ones. You can also include a blurb about where to find the item if it is on your site or what you think made the search engine drop them off at your site or any other comments. See mine below.

NOTE: Mr. Linky doesn’t like me so just put your url in the comments.
If want to participate, write up a post and come back here to link. Make sure you link to the ACTUAL POST for your Saturday Search and not to your main url.

Searches that landed people here:

Kat Tansey
I have a review book of hers; Choosing to Be: Lessons in Living from a Feline Zen Master but I haven’t read it yet. Come back soon for the review!

Free Christmas Short Stories
I just posted some right here. You’re welcome!

Aww were you really searching for ME? Probably not LOL.

Horse Saddles
You probably landed on my review of Saddle Up Your Own White Horse. Interestingly I just got a spam comment on this review about selling horse saddles. Coincidence?? HMMM.

foot mark in my life sms
I have no idea what you were looking for but by repeating your search I see that somehow landed you on my review of Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear by Sharon Dunn. In my review I have the words foot, mark and my plus my blog is SMS Book Reviews.

Tracey Primer Books
Sorry never heard of her. You must have landed on this page though. It’s a review of A Piaget Primer by Dorothy G. Singer and Tracey A. Revenson

See you January 3!

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