Musing Mondays: Christmas

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The Question:

“With the holiday season now upon us, how does it affect your reading? Do you have more, or less, time to read at Christmas? Do you read Christmas themed/related books?

I don’t find that the holiday season gives me much in the way of more or less reading time. Neither of my kids are in school so they aren’t home more than normal and I’m a SAHM so I’m home as much as usual. Sure I go to a few Christmas dinners and get togethers but not a large number and they don’t take away from my reading.

As for Christmas books, every year I read A Christmas Carol during the week before Christmas. It doesn’t take me a full week to read it though. Other than that, I pick up Christmasy books if the mood strikes me. I don’t go purposefully looking for them except to fill any holiday reading challenges. I think reading Christmas books helps to get in the mood.

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