Marshall: A Nantucket Sea Rescue by Whitney Stewart

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Illustrations by Dennis Lyall
A Pet Tales book with Read-Along CD and Stuffed Dog
Pet Tales is presented by Soundprints and the American Veterinary Medical Association

Summary: Marshall, a big friendly Newfoundland, is rescued by brave surf men during a storm at sea. Will Marshall soon become a lifesaving dog himself?

I love dogs but am not interested in life at sea very much. If I was, perhaps I would have enjoyed the book a little more. It’s a well-written story but suitable for ages 8 and up.

I’m not a big fan of the style of illustrations either. They are very well done artistically but not what I like to see in a picture book. I’m not sure the proper term for the type of art but it’s definitely painted and so has edges that run into each other. I prefer clearly defined illustrations.

The accompanying read-along CD contains two version of the story. One has a sound to turn the page and one does not. In addition to reading the story, the narrator also reads the extras that are at the back of the book. They are an Author’s Note, More About Marshall and Nantucket’s Lifesaving Men, Glossary, Pet Health and Safety Tips and A Real-Life Pet Tale.

The book comes with a small stuffed dog that looks like Marshall. It’s really cute and seems well-made

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