Good Dog. Stay. by Anna Quindlen

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Stars: ****

I picked this up because I need a Q author for the A to Z Challenge.

I love dogs and I’ve been meaning to read a book by Anna Quindlen. This is basically a short memoir of the last little bit of the life of her black lab Beau. The book starts off telling us that he’s not doing well and that he’s basically living out his last days. Then she reminices about the past and finally the end of the book is the end. It’s sad but not so sad that I was crying (and I cry easily.) It was a beautiful tribute to Beau.

Also the book is chock full of black and white photos of dogs, both her own and many others. I was reading this book sitting on the couch beside my almost 3 year old and she loved looking at the dog pictures. I enjoyed them too of course.

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