A Clone of Your Own: The Science and Ethics of Cloning by Arlene Judith Klotzko

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Stars: ****


Cambridge University Press 2006
162 pages

This book is my last book for the Science Book Challenge 2008. I’ve technically already read enough. It’s an extra.

This book tries to be neutral, giving both sides of the situation, both for and against. It pretty much suceeds but unless the author of a book truly doesn’t know if he/she believes for or against than the book will always have at least a slight leaning towards the author’s beliefs.

Never does the author state her viewpoint but I’m pretty sure she is for cloning (if there were no unknowns, no bad side effects, it was safe and it was used for infertility and stem cells to cure diseases. However, even if you don’t think cloning is a good idea ever, you should still read this book. I won’t get into my personal thoughts here as this isn’t a debate blog but basically I learned quite a bit about cloning that I thought I knew but didn’t. Apparently I was quite naive in the cloning department.

It’s a fairly small book but goes over quite a bit. The Science of Cloning (how it’s done), Cloning Applications (what we can use it for), Cloning for Cell Therapies, Cloning for Human Reproduction, Identity and how it relates to Cloning and more.

There is a list of books for further reading and it’s not too over the head. I also love that it’s a woman author. Go Women Scientists!

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