Weekly Geeks #24

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This week’s theme is: fun facts about authors.

So the author I’m choosing to do fun facts about is Jenny L. Cote.

Jenny L. Cote is the author of the new book The Ark, the Reed & the Fire Cloud, the first book in The Amazing Tales of Max & Liz.
Her website is here.

Here is a youtube video that shows what her book is about (borrowed from her site, I hope that’s okay)

Here is a quote from the site which will tell you better what her book is about and some other fun facts. Please don’t be detered by the word “biblical.” I’m not Christian and I loved the book!

“The series takes our heroes, Max and Liz, through pivotal points in Biblical and world history. Book one, The Ark, The Reed, and The Fire Cloud is currently being produced as a 3-D animated feature film with a scheduled release date to be announced soon! Jenny is currently writing the second action-packed book in the series, The Dreamer, The Schemer and The Robe, about the life of Joseph available in 2009.”

Jenny L. Cote on facebook

The Amazing Blog of Max & Liz

So check out the book!

Sherrie at Just Books wrote about James Patterson, one of my fav authors!

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