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So what were people searching for when they came across your site? Do you have a way of finding out? If so and you are interested in particiating, here is a new weekly event for you.

Every Saturday, post a list of a few of the search terms used to find your site. Especially any very interesting ones. You can also include a blurb about where to find the item if it is on your site or what you think made the search engine drop them off at your site or any other comments. See mine below.

If want to participate, write up a post and come back here to link. Make sure you link to the ACTUAL POST for your Saturday Search and not to your main url.

Searches that landed people here:

Christian Review of Around the World in 80 Days
– well I did review the book but it’s definitely NOT a christian review.

What is the name of the kids of The Witches by Roald Dahl
– well I reviewed it here but I didn’t mention the boy’s name which is Luke

Chicken Pocks Games
– I don’t have any games but you must have stumbled upon this book review.

publishers giving book review books to bloggers
– there is a list in my side bar of the places I review for or at. You can find all the places that nicely give me review books there.

preshate meaning
– It means appreciated. I explain it here in the fourth paragraph.

sweat sms
– I’m not sure what sweat sms is but I get a LOT of people finding my blog because they are looking for the OTHER kind of sms.

Until next time!

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