Publishing a Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro

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Stars: ***1/2

This book is part of the Visual Quickproject series.

I picked up this book from the library to see if there were any feautres about blogger I didn’t know about. This book is for beginners to blogs so there were only about 2 or 3 small things I didn’t already know. I enjoyed reading it though.

The main problem with the book is that it’s a little outdated. It was published in 2005 and Blogger has come a long way since then. So some of the feaures it talks about are different and there are some features it says doesn’t work or doesn’t mention at all.

For example, regarding inserting pictures into your posts, it says you can only use the image button on the compose bar if you are hosting your blog on your own server because blogger doesn’t offer space for pictures. Well they do know because that’s how I put my pictures up. So the book shows you how to ftp pictures to your own isp site and link to them.

What I did like was the full colour photos that are very helpful and illustrate what to push and where it is. Also the words are aimed at the novice so it’s not over a beginner’s head for the most part. There is talk about what you can do if you are a bit more advanced too. Also the screenshots are shown in a variety of blogger templates and in IE, Firefox and on a Mac so you see variety.

It’s a skinny book at 125 pages and only covers the basics, starting a blog, posting to the blog, adding to your profile and aboue me on the side bar, adding links and archives, posting pictures and audio (using audioblogger which I hadn’t heard about), the use of comments and how to add other users to your blog so they can post too. There is an appendix of template tags which are used to alter the template if you are up to it but other than that, it’s very basic.

I think it’s a wonderful resource but needs an updated version every year or two.

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