Musing Mondays: HP and Twilight

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“How do you feel about wide-spread reading phenomenons – Harry Potter, for instance, or the more current Twilight Saga? Are these books so widely read for a reason, or merely fads or crazes? Do you feel compelled to read – or NOT to read – these books because everyone else is?”

I’ve read all the Harry Potter books and seen all the movies to date although I read the HP books after seeing movie 4. As for Twilight, I have not read any of the books, nor seen the movie and I don’t intend to. Vampires and other creatures of the night are not my thing, no matter how good the book.I’m sure Twilight is a good series. It must be for so many people to go crazy about it but it’s just not for me and I don’t think people should say everyone would like it. I suppose I don’t know for sure I won’t like it since I’ve never read it but it sure doesn’t sound interesting to me. So no I don’t feel compelled to read them but I won’t specifically not read them either just because of the hype. If I felt compelled to read them, I would have started HP long ago but I waited till I really wanted to read them. If later on down the road I feel the inclination to read Twilight, I will, no matter what I’ve said here.

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