A Mother’s Wish by Samahria Ramsen

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Subtitle: 12 Visions of a Mother for Success

Stars: ***

I received this book for review from the GoodReads FirstReads program.

I must confess this book wasn’t exactly how I pictured it. First what it told me about the book through the FirstReads program:


A Mother’s Wish, 12 Visions of a Mother for Success

The longing of a Mother for the happiness and success of her child is the cornerstone of our Character. It is the power behind accomplishments and aspirations. These longings were deeply embedded in our hearts while we were in our mother’s body; and while we lay in the cradle, speaking only the language of the heart and Soul. This is a translation of a mother’s desire for sons and daughters from the language of the Spirit to our spoken and written language.

It translates into ‘A Mothers Wish’, 12 Visions of the Mother for Success. Mother’s love is transcendent; and the Universe bows to the love of a mother. A mother is a hero. She gives over her body to bring the child to the world. The reference point of all love is Mother’s love. The 12 Affirmations and the 12 Meditations, applied daily, drive negativity away. They are the patterns for self contemplation to live a powerful and a successful life.

So I was expecting a book of 12 meditations but I wasn’t expecting them to be so short. For each meditation, a purpose, method and practice is given. The method is the same for all 12 meditations, namely to invest ten minutes and empty your mind. The purpose, method, practice and a sentence or two to remind yourself of during the day barely takes up one small page. Counting the accompanying quote and ‘title page’ for each wish/meditation, each meditation takes up three small pages.

After the 12 meditations is a reprinting of The Seven Life Changing Stories from Ancient Secrets of Success for Today’s World by Tulshi Sen. It is these stories that the meditations are based on.

“(This book) was composed by me a long time ago as a gift to my son and my
daughter… Then not long ago, I came across the book that completely changed my own world. The name of this book is (book mentioned above)… I also realized
that I could offer these Seven Life Changing Stories, as told in (book mentioned
above) to mothers from the mother’s point of view.”
– bits and pieces taken from pages 19 and 20

Don’t get me wrong, the meditations are nice but to me a meditation is more than just a sentence to think about. I guess we have a different idea of what a meditation is. The subtitle says 12 Visions of a Mother for Success which more accurately describes this book than meditations. I agree with the author that the stories by Tulshi Sen are wonderful and I see why she was inspired by them but I don’t think it was enough to create a whole new book.

The book is listed at $12.95 which is quite a bit for a little success advice. Before the meditations are some pages of advice which are thoughtful and very good but as I said, I just don’t think Samahria put enough into the book. I wish I had liked it better.

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