I Quit! by Linda Joy Allan

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Stars: ****1/2

Adult Non-Fiction

ISBN: 978-0-9779149-0-6
Publisher: Dovelin Publishing (Sept 16, 2008)
248 pages

Summary: Author Linda Joy Allan’s motivation for writing I Quit: Cigarettes, Candy Bars and Booze was divinely inspired. That may seem otherworldly, but it’s actually based in reality and quite straightforward. And it’s been an integral part of Linda’s process and “moving on” in her life. After quitting her addictions, life became a jewel for Linda and she began thinking about what else she might like to accomplish in her new way of living. She asked herself what it was she might be able to do. Within a day she had the idea to record her story. Writing her book was a natural progression to her dreams of becoming a speaker and helping others quit their addictions. It wasn’t always easy (what is?!) but she knew she had a story to tell that many others would relate to. So she persevered … and what an empowering story it is. Here is an excerpt for you to enjoy!

I read I Quit in two days and only because I went to a party. Otherwise it would have been done in one day. It snagged me in right from the beginning where we learn about all the surgeries Ms. Allan had to go through. I really enjoyed reading the book, even though I’ve never struggled with an addiction to Cigarettes and Booze. I do over-eat although not quite to the extent that the author has. I appreciate someone who can talk candidly about something so personal and difficult.

My only problem with the book is that the quitting seemed to easy. I’m not sure how to say this without sounding bad but Linda Joy Allan quit with the help of God, which I think is great. I don’t deny the role of faith in healing. However (luckily for her) once she did decide to quit her addictions, she stopped cold turkey the first try. I’m glad it was this easy for her but I could see that discouraging others who may be in the throws of addiction and looking for help and understanding. Obviously there is nothing that the author did wrong, she’s just telling her story and I’m glad thigns worked out the way they did for her, I’m just worried about potential readers of the book.

As I mentioned, God and faith are mentioned in this book but it isn’t overwhelmingly Christian or anything. I had no problem reading it.

At the website you can find more information and an excerpt from the book.
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