Friday Finds 11/28

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I only came across two books this week that I’m interested in this week. I’m not a big fiction fan and that’s what’s mostly reviewed on the blogs I read so I rarely have a book from blogs.

The Devious Book for Cats by Fluffy and Bonkers

Largely kept indoors, today’s cats live longer, but less exuberantly—studies show the average feline uses only two to three of its nine lives. The Devious Book for Cats shows how your cat can recreate the spirit of the wild indoors by reclaiming the inner deviousness that is his birthright. Written (with help) by cats and for cats, this book provides insight on:

* Undermining Allergy Sufferers
* For Black Cats: Making the Most of Superstition
* Getting Even When You’re Declawed
* Egypt: The Land We Ruled
* The Scratching Post and Other Forms of Postmodern Control
* Waking Your Owner Up To Feed You

This generously illustrated book encourages every cat to look through devious eyes and see: the world is yours, no matter where you are.

The Good Good Pig by SY Montgomery

I found out about this one from Maggie Reads.

It’s a story about a runt of a litter of 9 piggies when the mother only has 8 working teats. They were going to “off” the pig to make sure the others had proper milk but they just couldn’t. This is the story of that pig.

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