Adept Circle Magick by Kirk White

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Subtitle: A Guide for the Advanced Wiccan Practitioner

Stars: ****

Summary: Embark on a deeper and richer understanding of Magickal living. Adept Circle Magick, written by the dean of the renowned Cherry Hill Seminary, is your companion on that path – a comprehensive and accessible guidebook that will help you develop the skills and confidence you need to become truly proficient.

Adept Circle Magick covers everything a devoted student of the Craft requires to move out of the realm of novice, providing thoughtful and detailed insight into: Invoking the Deities, Developing Intuition, The Complete Wheel of the Year, Spells for Healing, Transformative Rituals, Aspecting and Trances and Living Magickally Every Day.

Written for every Wiccan who is ready to expand his or her knowledge of the Craft, this comprehensive volume addresses the piratical matters of spells, meditations, and rituals, and well as ethical and spiritual concerns important to witches of every skill level.

This is Kirk White’s first book and a pretty good one at that. It is definitely not for the beginner. This book isn’t for a solitary or coven member specifically but could be for either. Some of the rituals provided are for covens but there are ways of doing them your self too.

Topics covered (mentioned briefly above) include: Creating Sacred Spaces (think you know everything about this already? Think again), Advanced Divination, Deepening the Wheel of the Year, Healing and Spellworking (I loved this chapter, I’m very interested in healing others), Models and Methods of Initiation (I was a little confused on this one since if you are reading an advanced book, you’re most likely already initiated or it’s solitary equivalent), Deity Work and Divine Possession (personally not for me but seems a very thorough discussion of it considering it’s just one chapter in a medium-sized book) and Living the Magickal Life.

I found the chapters on Divination, The Wheel of the Year and Healing the most helpful to me but what’s most relevant will change with each individual person. Recommended.

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