Weekly Geeks #22

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Here is a quick recap of what we are to do this week:

Step 1: Choose 3 Weekly Geeks, either from the Mr Linky below or from any of the Mr Linkies in any previous Weekly Geeks, and explore their archives. Try to choose at least one Weekly Geek you don’t know well.
Step 2: Looking through some of their oldest posts, find at least one that you really like from each of the three blogs.
Step 3: Write a post featuring these 3 bloggers, linking to the posts that you enjoyed, with a short blurb.
Step 4: Visit the WG #22 posts of two other Weekly Geeks from the Mr Linky below, and link to their posts at the bottom of yours.
Step 5: Come back and sign Mr Linky with the url to your specific WG #22 post, not just your general blog url.

Here are my three Weekly Geeks that I’m featuring. They are all either completely new to me or I’ve only been there once before:

Suey from It’s All About Books
I found a post titled Treadmill Books from March 2007, the first month she blogged in. It’s about how she chooses books to read while she’s on her treadmill. I really liked this post, not because I use a treadmill but because she mentions going to the library and just finding a book by browsing instead of going for a specific book. She says she used to do that but not anymore. It’s the same with me. Before blogging and especially before kids, I used to spend over 3 hours at the library browing for books. Now that I have joined challenges and read a lot of ARCs I don’t have time to do that. I miss it.

Kim of Bold. Blue. Adventure.
I found a post titled Weekend Fiction Break: The Library. It’s fiction written by Kim and wow is it well written! I don’t normally peruse short works of fiction on blogs but this one caught my eye and I couldn’t stop reading once I stopped!

Megan of Leafing Through Life
I found a post titled Some of us read, some of us just buy books…. Megan went out to her library book sale and picked up some awesome books. A few of the books on that list I would die to get for 50 cents! Go Ask Alice, Second Glance and Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

Maree’s Weekly Geeks #22 Post
American Bibliophile’s Weekly Geeks #22 Post

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