The Tutu Ballet by Sally O’ Lee

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Stars: ****

I received this book for review from the author.

This is the third book by Sally O’ Lee that I’ve read. I’ve also read The Cake Thief and The Rabbit and The Snowman.

This story is about some talking animals that are in a ballet class. Each has a different move that he or she is best at and they all want to just do their favourite move over and over again. There is a ballet recital coming up and the teacher doesn’t know what to do. Everyone wants to do his or her special move only. So the teacher decides to create a routine that allows each student to show off his or her special move.

The story is really cute and my preschooler who likes ballerinas enjoyed the book immensely. Sally O’ Lee’s illustrations are once again unique as was the choice of font but unlike with The Rabbit and The Snowman, I had no qualms about the way it is presented.

Another fabulous job by Sally O’ Lee

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