No Country for Old Men – Word Power

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In this month’s edition(Oct 08) of Reader’s Digest the Word Power is all about No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy.

This is what it says:

A Novel Pick. No Country for Old Men won the Oscar earlier this year for Best Picture. The story, based on Cormac McCarthy’s 2005 novel, pits good against evil. The words below are found in the pages of this book. But here, you pit your vocabulary skills against ours.

Word Power gives a word and then four options for it’s definition. There are 20 questions and the answers are on the back page.

I’d be breaking copyright to post the whole thing but since only Canadians can buy the magazine, I wanted to give a sampling to the rest of you.

Wanna play? I don’t have any prizes but if you want to play, post your guesses in the comments. I will post the correct answers next Tuesday, the 16. I’ll trust you not to cheat :)

1. ramada –
a. reckless act
b. white lie
c. open porch
d. distant object

2. scree
a. dark veil
b. type of boot
c. loose rocks
d. mesh fence

3. annex
a. basement
b. attic
c. extra bed
d. addition

4. balustrade
a. study of firearms
b. railing
c. display of boldness
d. unnecessary weight

5. squalid
a. rundown
b. flat
c. shapeless
d. storm-ridden

Have fun!
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