The Little Candy Breathing Dragons by Gloria Clark

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Stars: ***

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: The Little Candy Breathing Dragons is a magical fairy tale about two little dragons named Nay-Nay and Maj. These little dragons are not your ordinary dragons you see, for instead of breathing fire as most dragons do, they breathe out delightful candy scents which can be savored for miles and miles. One day Nay-Nay and Maj take off on an adventure and meet many interesting characters along the way. Each strange character they meet is helped in one way or another by the little dragons. Find out how Mrs. Pookie the blind kitty cat is helped by Nay-Nay and Maj. How were they able to pull Butchie the deer out of the well? Also learn what words of wisdom they gave to Dig the big dragon from another universe who disobeyed his ruler. How on earth did they find their way back to Buffalo, the land of ice and snow after getting frightfully lost in the storm? Follow The Little Candy Breathing Dragons on their enchanting journey and find out. This book teaches children a valuable lesson about accepting all people as they are and the importance of being kind and obedient.

I love dragons and am always on the lookout for books about dragons. So I was definitely interested in reading this book. It’s a picture book but for ages 9-12 which is different. As it’s for an older crowd, their is a larger amount of text on each page than you would normally see in a picture book. The text also rhymes (most of the time)

“As they bid good-bye to Munchkin and wished him a blessed day,
once again the little dragons started on their way.
They were tickled pink and happy after getting such a fright,
and in their usual breathing gesture, left the candy-smell delight.”
– The Little Candy Breathing Dragons

The illustrations are really adorable as you can see from the picture of the book cover. However there were a couple pages that had text on both sides and no illustrations whatsoever. I dislike that in a picture book, no matter what age it’s for.

I did expect there to be more about the whole candy breathing thing. It is mentioned that they breathe candy a bit but I expected there to be more attention paid to it. Also the book has Christian undertones which I didn’t know about when I requested it.

“For it is God who made us with special care, and to question His decisions, we
do not share. why some people are different is still a mystery, but we must
accept them, however they may be.”
– The Little Candy Breathing Dragons

Overall I think the idea is cute and the illustrations (by Bobbi Switzer) are wonderful but the book could be improved upon and should be before the next one in the series comes out. I would still recommend this book for those 8-10 (my recommended ages) who don’t like long books and love dragons. More Info: Reviews:
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