Little Bit & Big Byte: A Day at the Beach by Craig T. Feigh

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Stars: ***1/2

I received this book for review from the author.

Summary: Let me introduce you to Little Bit and Big Byte. These two “chips off the old block” are the main characters in a NEW educational, entertaining, and endearing series of Children’s Picture Books that take you on thrilling adventures using adorable computer-related characters. Travel through Cyberville with Little Bit, Big Byte, and other members of the Romie family as they experience life’s valuable lessons with their friends and foes. If your children love to use the computer, they will love Little Bit & Big Byte.

A book with computer characters? That’s right. Statistics from the back of the book tell us that 67% of Nursery school children use computers and 80% of Kindergarten students use computers. My almost 3 year old uses the computer for games and watching educational videos on YouTube.

This book is really cute. The illustrations by Patrick Carlson are adorable, comic book like but still with “character.” As an added bonus, a dog bone is hidden on each page for older kids to find.

You will find computer-related characters and places all throughout the book. Little Bit & Big Byte’s parents are CD and Nettie. Some other quotes:

“Her (the dog) name is Joy and she’s as thin as a stick.”
Calling the dog click, “Here Click, Click Here!
“Who are those kids? It’s Vi and Russ, they are nefarious little bugs.”

Each page is made so that the words look like they are on a keyboard and the illustrations in a computer monitor. I think a kid 5 and up would enjoy this book. Possibly younger if they know a lot about computers.

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