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5 Minutes for Books has a special event going on where you share what your kids are reading.

My elder daughter (the one I’ll be talking about in future Kids’ Picks posts) is 2.75 years old. She’ll be 3 in January.

The books we are reading this week are All About You books from a few weeks ago and some Halloween books. Here are the favs:

We’re Different, We’re The Same featuring Jim Henson’s Sesame Street Muppets
Stars: ****

This book shows how parts of our bodies can be both the same as everyone else’s and different. E.g. Our mouths are different. (pictures of different mouths) Our mouths are the same. Their lips form the words we say and smile when it’s a happy day.

My daughter really likes this book.

All By Myself! by Aliki
Stars: ***

A preschooler boy shows that he can do all kinds of things by himself: wake up, potty, get dressed, pour cereal, paint, write, sing, feed the dog, rest, set table, get clean, get into bed and more.

My only problem with the book is that it shows him having a bath by himself which is never a good idea. Very unsafe.

My Two Hands – My Two Feet by Rick Walton
Stars: ***

This is two books in one. One side is one story till the middle of the book, then you have to turn it over and flip it around to get the other story. There is one page between both stories that is sort of the last page of both stories that looks the right way for both stories. The stories are about uses for feet and hands. My daughter loves it.

Halloween Mice! by Bethany Roberts
Stars: ****

Mice dressed up for Halloween have all sorts of fun like having a party in the pumpkin patch, hearing a cat coming, making a plan and scaring the cat away.

This was one of my daughter’s favourite Halloween books last year too.

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