A Journey to the Center of the Earth by Jules Verne

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Stars: ****

This book is being counted towards the following challenges: 888, Classics Challenge, Book to Movie and 1% Well-Read. I also finished it during the Read-a-thon.

The cover pictured is not the copy I have but it doesn’t matter, the story is the same. I had never read the book nor seen an older version of the movie so I had no idea what happened in this book when I read it.

I must say first off that although I tend not to like classics too much, I really enjoyed this one. It’s almost a fantasy in that do journey into the earth isn’t likely to happen to us but it’s not so far fetched that it couldn’t possibly be real at some point. I think that’s what makes it so interesting. Scientists have predictions as to what the core of the earth is like, but no one has actually been there so how do we know for sure?

I’m not often anxious to discuss books in general, especially parts that are spoilers but this one has me seeking out others who have read it for a quick discussion. So if you’ve read it, email me!

I thoroughly enjoyed his book and while I’m already comitted to reading Around the World in 80 Days as well, I’d be interested in reading his other Marvelous Journy books.

So why do I like the book so much? Well as I said above, it’s the idea that it might not be completely impossible to do, but it’s other things as well. The writing style really caught my interest. It’s told by the same person throughout although not all of it is direct narration. It makes you crave to know what the others are thinking! This usually does not happen in books, at least for me. Even though it’s a classic and some of the language was old, it wasn’t hard to understand at all (even with a few typos in my copy.) I knew what was going on all the time. Where they were was described beautifully but not overly described as I don’t like.

I recommend this book to all teens and adults!

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