Daddy What is Success? by Richard A. Singer, Helen Thomas and Joseph Betty

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Stars: ***

Subtitle: 8 Secrets to Be the Best Big Person You Can Be

I received this book for review from the author.

From Back of Book:

“Transforming the world one child at a time…
This book is a special and important contribution to the children of the world. It was inspired by the precious nature we observed in our own children and written for each and every child that inhabits this Earth. The purpose of this book is to provide children with the foundational principles for successful living. The principles contained in this book will be the bedrock that our children’s lives rest upon.”

I think the idea of the book is really good and I liked the illustrations. The illustrations are done in coloured pencil and are really cute.

However the 8 secrets are to being the best person you can be and I’m not sure that that is the same thing as being successful. For example one of the secrets is All the Boys and Girls in the World are equal. Understanding this makes you a better person but how does it make you more successful? I think the title of the book is misleading.

I’d say the book would be for ages 7 and up. A good feature of the book is that after each secret is revealed, there are some parent/child discussion questions.

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