Chicken, Pig, Cow by Ruth Ohi

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Stars: ****
I received this book for review from Annick Press.

Summary: It may not have a door, but Chicken, Pig and Cow love everything about the house that Girl made for them out of popsicle sticks. Everything except Dog who lives outside, but whose drooling makes it feel as if it’s raining inside. When Cow is left alone one day, she hears a drooly, snorty sound, followed by a crash as the house tips over. Dog is very big, and Cow is terrified, but she really has nothing to fear. All Dog wants is to play. Dog becomes a friend, and best of all, now that two popsicle sticks have been knocked free, their home is indeed perfect – front door and all.
This book is really cute and my daughter loves it. Chicken, Pig and Cow are toys but Dog is real. This book for ages 2-5 shows the element of pretend play but lets the toys come alive as children that age like to imagine they do. It never actually says they are toys even though it’s obvious to adults that they are so I think my daughter is imagining a real chicken, cow and pig and was wondering why they are so much smaller than the dog. It’s different than other picture books I’ve read which I liked.

The illustrations are really cute too. I’ve reviewed on other book by Ruth Ohi, Me and My Sister.For more on Ruth Ohi, visit

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