Boo! by Robert Munsch

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Stars: ****1/2

I love Robert Munsch but had no idea he had a Halloween book! Did you?

Boo is the story of a boy named Lance who paints his face for Halloween and makes is so scary that people fall right over when they see it (faint.) When that happens he can take all their Halloween candy. Then a teenager comes to scare Lance and take his candy, will it work? Who will be scared of who?

This story was hilarious and my daughter loves it. As with most Robert Munsch books, it’s good for ages 3 and up. My 11 year old niece still likes to read his books once in a while. The illustrations by Michael Martchenko are hilarious as usual and fit right in with Robert Munsch. There are some Munsch books with illustrations by someone else and they are never as good, even if it’s the same story but a different illustrated version. Munsch and Martchenko work well together.

Happy Halloween!

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