Reading and Writing in India

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Did you know that in India, a child can read and write at age four or sooner? I have gotten to know quite a few families from India whose children can read and write by age four. By age three they should be able to write all their uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers 1-30.

They teach them to write with a method similar to the Ball-Stick-Bird method as far as I can tell (since I haven’t actually used the product.) First they teach standing lines (vertical), then sleeping lines (horizontal), then leaning lines (diaganal) and circles. Then they put these together to form the letters. For example: D is a standing line and a half circle, L is a standing line and then a sleeping line.
That’s right, many of them can read and write both English and their native language by 4 or 5. I tried to look online to find some links to direct you all too but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of this online. I suppose it’s so normal for them, but you’d think another country would have written something.
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