Nibbles and Me by Elizabeth Taylor

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Stars: ****

This book was read for the Non-Fiction Five, Well-Rounded and In Their Shoes challenge.

Summary: In 1946, Elizabeth Taylor – then fourteen and a major start at MGM – published a book about her pet chipmunk, Nibbles. With wit, charm and remarkable skill, she related the adventures and mishaps of her high-spirited friend. Long out of print, this enchanting memoir is available once again with Miss Taylor’s original illustrations (including previously unpublished drawings from her private collection), photos of Elizabeth Taylor and Nibbles on an off the set, and a new introduction by the legendary actress. Children will love the story of a girl and her pet; older readers will appreciate the insight into young Elizabeth Taylor’s life that this book provides.

At 81 pages, this is the shortest memoir I’ve ever seen but it was a delight to read. Chipmunks are very cool and it sounds like it was a delight to have one as a pet. Since I’m only in my 20’s, I’m not that familiar with Elizabeth Taylor. I know she is and was a big star but I’ve only seen her in Lassie, Father of the Bride and perhaps The Taming of the Shrew (I don’t know for sure which version I saw.) Even still I found the glimpses into the life of a child star interesting. The illustrations are very well done for her age and I enjoyed the read.

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